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Don't buy it!!!

Well, I spent a little over 27 bucks in order to save my 70.00 cell phone and 120.00 digital camera on my kayak trips. Turns out, I really spent 20 bucks to falsely trust Harmony's claims. All and all, I'm out 27.00 plus the 190.00, totalling 217.00. The bag was clipped on to my PDF, and when I took my camera out to get a picture, I noticed it wouldn't work. I looked at the pouch, only to notice it had a nice little puddle in the bottom of it. Cell dead. Good thing I didn't get caught in a current on the sea - would've been out of luck - though I thought I was completely prepared for this type of emergency.
VERY disappointed, and frankly, angry.

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Are you sure it wasn't user error. i have one of these and use it regularly in a multitude of aquatic environments, from hot tubs to boat trips my phone has yet to get wet.

Worth a second chance. Maybe try and use it without electronic devices until you are sure it is waterproof. Never hurts to test something before actually using it.