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Ok so the cloud 9's aren't as amazing as everyone makes them out to be, at least at first wear. With that said, they get more and more comfortable each day. Mine were rock hard out the box and hurt my feet the first day. Ever since then they've slowly turned to cushioned pillows, so 4 stars for comfort with the possiblity of it moving up(5 stars for quality and removability of the insoles). Plus if you're buying shoes like these for comfort then you're in the wrong place, there just isn't enough shoe/support to compete with shoes like the Indo or some Nike Kobe Zoom's or Asic Running Shoes (for comparison). In Terms of looks 5 stars they're stone cold killers and i get comments non stop from guys and girls. If you're worried about the price just get the non wax ones. In terms of skating, i haven't been out much but they've handled the same and in some ways better than some vans era's or authentics. They are also way lighter than those vans. All in all great shoe that if they keep refining every year will be a Must add to your collection, if it's not already. Here's a tip if you like Shoes of this style but need more support then take out the cloud 9's (save them for just when you skate) and use a pair of custom insoles or orthotics.

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To note the mention of the Kobe's and Asic's were just to point out that it'll never be able to match support of running or basketball shoes or bigger more cushioned skate shoes.