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Gear Review

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Doesnt really work

This windscreen doesnt really work. I tested this windscreen under controlled conditions and it simply does not prevent any breeze greater than 10mph from greatly effecting the boil times of water using the gigapower stove and a titanium sp 750ml pot. A simple piece of foil going from the ground up to about half way the height of the pot is whats needed. If you dont believe me, try this yourself, using a small fan. There are plenty of other reviews out on the net substantiating the lack of effectivenesss of this windscreen. One reviewer, suggested that this windscreen was the company's compromise/ solution to the notorious problem of wind with cannister stoves and the legal difficulty of suggesting or developing full coverage windscreens with upright cannister stoves. In addition to the above, if you have the piezo starter, you may have difficulty using the ignitor because the spark tends to gap to the windscreen instead of the stove jet.