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Gear Review

4 5

Do not get the negative display version!

This is a pretty good watch. I was particularly impressed with the auto-switching between altimeter and barometer. You leave it alone and when it senses a super fast change in baro pressure it switches from baro to alit. It will do this within about a 20' change at least while driving. If I run up a couple flights of stairs I can do it too. I set it to my known elevation at home left it in auto and it's stayed accurate to at least +/- 100' and probably more like +/-50' for over a week. I haven't been in the mountains with it yet so it's only seen 0-1000' or so but it seems accurate.

The compass is a little flaky. Definitely can't go without a real backup for finding your tent in a whiteout but it should suffice for keeping on a general track.

I first bought the negative display version because lots of people seem to like it, there are more color options, and they say the positive display is hard to read in direct sunlight. I have no idea what these people are talking about. People talk about the stealthy look of the neg display. I guess they mean nobody, not even, you will know what time it is. I could barely read the neg display outside in good light looking straight at it after going online and figuring out how to turn up the contrast. If it's even a bit dark you're going to be turning on the backlight. And then you're going to see all the icons that aren't on because you turned the contrast up so much. I showed it to a couple other people and they agreed it was nearly impossible to read.

I returned it and got the Regular Black. MUCH BETTER! I can read this in any light with or without sunglasses tilted away well over 45 degrees. The only time you can't read it in bright light is if you reflect the sun off the watch into your eyes. I haven't been in a snow field with it so it's possible that if there's tons of reflected light there could be an issue but I HIGHLY doubt it. I have been on the water with it.