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well, after less than a 3 week usage, the wire in one of my phones was damaged ( wires inside the phones are the pretty slim so even the slightest pull can cut them loose)....after reading all the reviews and seeing how people weresatisfied with them, I on the other hand wasn`t, they play good and all ( bass is nice ) but I guess they delivered me the low quality ones....
I guess that this was my last order from dogfunk, ordering clothes is pretty ok but anything else like headphones is out of the question for me...will have to manage and repair it somehow at home

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Dude. Unlimited return policy on dogfunk. Have them just send you another pair. For free. Dogfunk's return policy kicks ass man

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The headphones SUCK!! I tried the Site and there was no way to get the company to answer or respond. I will return them and never deal with the company ever again!