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I purchased these boots with early fall backpack bow hunting in mind. These are the single most comfortable boot I have ever tried on and to my disappointment started leaking water immediately. The first outing sent me on a grueling 3 day bivy hunt with 40lb pack that started out the first day with a 10 mile gaunt through down timber and very steep inclines and declines over rocky rough terrain. The boots gave moderate supportand I sprained my left ankle badly twice. My biggest disappointment came from a small crossing of a mountain side brook. I could have easily stepped over but I wanted to test the boots. My right boot failed first as my feet got immediately wet around the mesh toe area. The left boot did not leak until the next day in a similar crossing. The brook was less than 4 inches deep and never crossed over the top. On my return I had to traverse very steep decline on a rocky trail. I again rolled my left ankle and on the way down developed a sore spot right at the top of the ankle arch. I'm not sure if it was because of rolling my ankle or because my boots were really cinched down while trying to prevent further sprains, however it was extremely uncomfortable. In total I hiked a little over 18 miles in uneven, rough down timber terrain. I really enjoy the "feel" and comfort of the boot. I need a boot that is quiet, breathes well and allows you to feel the ground all while offering adequate support and waterproofing. Although the Gore-Tex failed, the boot did dry very quickly and with the use of a good merino wool sock my feet didn't suffer. I'd like to try another pair but the fact that I injured my ankle will probably deter me for good. I'm shopping yet again for the perfect boot!

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Any suggestions on a different boot would be great! I look for comfort fuirst, waterproof second, quiet and breathability third!

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You must have received a bad pair. I have had 2 pairs of the Breeze over the past 5 years and have not had any problems with leaking until they were quite old. I've abused them too. Mt Whitney x2, Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim, Pikes. Glacier National and the list goes on and on. Return the boots you got because they were defective. I am going to buy my third pair here shortly as I've never worn a more comfortable boot or been more pleased with their performance (weight, breath-ability, waterproofness) .

Regarding Ankle support, you might need a taller boot if you have bad ankles.

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Montana BowHunter, I have had a pair of these for over 4 years and worn them to the point of the leather shrinking so badly that they are almost too tight to where anymore, but I still do, and they still keep water out. I would contact Vasque with your experience and see if maybe you got a faulty pair. With synthetic materials, sometimes seams go bad in production, happens to every brand. If you are super comfortable in this boot, I would try another pair, as any other boot I've tried has been pale in comparison.

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The Breezes don't sound like enough boot for the terrain you're using them in. Go with something that full leather like an Asolo TPS 520 or Powermatic.