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Gear Review

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A previous reviewer mentioned that the screen on this watch was extremely dim, to the point that reading it is difficult. I went ahead with the purchase anyway hoping that he got a defective unit, as he suspected the same. Well, its not a defect (unless I so happen to have gotten a bad one as well). The screen is virtually impossible to read indoors without popping the back-light on. Outside (no pun intended) its a little bit better but not much. I'll be sending this back, with great disappointment.

Not Recommended for people with Small / Medium sized wrists.
The way this watch is designed, you need a large wrist size. The straps come out of the main watch body at a set angle and that angle is not meant for small wrists. I have medium sized wrists and could barely fit into the watch, there was a small amount of space left at joints where the strap meets the watch face (nothing you can do about it).