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Chose the custom option through the Oakley website. These are good glasses for someone with a large cranium like me and have larger lens coverage so it looks better on larger faces. I wasn't a huge fan of the bulky wide arms because being so large they look like exactly what they are.....plastic. I'm not bothered by plastic frames it just seems that these almost look like there long lost poor Walmart cousins. These fit quite strange which bothers me a bit. The fit very well above the ear but are shaped a little too aggressively with an inward bend to keep the glasses in place. With the wide arms that I mentioned before this has tendency to leave very large pressure marks across the sides of your face. These glasses do allow you to wear a bluetooth headset over your ear quite comfortably. Now for my pet peeves, first the joints in the glasses squeak when operated. This started after a couple months of use. I notice a few weeks ago that both of my lens' were losing the "Iridium" coating in the center of the lens. These glasses are always stored and cleaned with the magical Oakley bag and I bought an additional hard case to store them in. I was shocked when I went to the website and learned a company like Oakley only warranted there glasses for a year and that didn't include the lens. I have wore Oakleys' for years and love the durability of there frames so just figured they stood behind there product. Buyer Beware!

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On the other side, they fit my big head well. I have two pair and love them. Only down side, one of my pair is the matte black, and after a little over 2 years, the "paint" is starting to flake.