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Disappointed Norwegian

If you own the 2008 model then I congratulate you on owning the best mountain jacket that money can buy. BUT if you own or are thinking of purchasing a new Odin mountain jacket STEER CLEAR!
You DO NOT WANT this jacket. In one sentence, the post 2008 Odin Mountain Jacket is not the same design that won the global Red Dot design award.
First and foremost the fabric is inferior. It is flimsy and arguably thinner but worst of all the fabric snags on the Velcro cuffs. Sure HH may think no one is going to see that, but consider if Velcro causes the fabric to snag and pill, then ice, dirt, trees, a rock wall or even your pack has the potential of destroying your jacket's exterior by simply brushing against it. The RECCO is attached by a rectangular patch instead of an oval like the original. If you wear a watch or a glove, the patch corners are bound to snag as your hand and arm enter and exit the sleeve over the years. These and a few other seemingly small issues completely change the feel of the jacket.
Nick Cienski designed the jacket so that the person wearing it felt secure. This feeling is completely subdued by the "revisions" that HH made to the post 2008 Odin Mountain Jackets. Trust me I have worn both and the difference is like night and day. Yes they both look great but where WE go there aren't any mirrors. Trust a true Norwegian, what matters most is performance and feel, unfortunately the post 2008 Odin feels dead.

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So, can you recommend a jacket that will stand up - and is available?