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Difficult to detach when needed.

The beacon itself works well but does not have a leash/lanyard attachment for easy access. I used the Patroller for a Level 1 Avalanche class where they showed us how to use the beacon to search for buried victims by moving the beacon in all directions until a signal is picked up then keeping the beacon low to the ground to find the closest reading before digging. The Patroller is set up to be worn around the shoulder and waist, it is NOT convenient to peel off layers (unless you wear it over ALL your layers) unsnap the strap or fiddle with trying to let out enough slack to manage the beacon in a timely fashion while your buried buddy only has minutes to be found.

I ended up just taking out all the slack and slinging it around my shoulder and putting the beacon in my pocket for easy access with undressing and fumbling. The instructors/guides that I was working with shared the same concerns.

They recommended buying a beacon with a lanyard option.

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This setup is, I assume, a compromise between making it too easy to get at (hence likely to be ripped off your body should you be the one caught in the slide)and harder to get at(hence less likely to be lost in a real-world avi). It takes maybe fifteen seconds to take off your jacket (which you're probably going to do anyway to let the sweat escape and mark your starting point). Compose yourself for the task ahead while you unclip the lanyard, and presto, you've used up thirty seconds and are really focussed on the job at hand.