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I bought the DAKINE Nomad a couple of weeks ago, and let it sit around the house for a few days before deciding to actually remove the tags--I was worried it was a bit too big. I've ridden with a Camelbak Mule for about 7 years, and the DAKINE was a big step up in size. However, I was lucky enough to test it out in Moab, UT this weekend and man did this thing shine. I got a flat riding Porcupine Rim trail and was able to fix it in record time because all my tools, spare tubes, etc., were organized so well. The only problem I had was a kink in the hydration tube, which reduced/shut off water flow. Once I figured out I could change the angle that the tube attached to the reservoir (duh), the problem was immediately solved. All I can say is, this pack is definitely worth the extra weight. Incredibly well-designed and thought-out!