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I took the 186 out of the shop on Christmas and for anyone in the state of OR you know that xmas was a dumper day! initially I wanted to take out the 196, but we didnt have any mounted for demo so i grabbed the latter and it didnt disapoint. I'm 6'3" 200 and the ski had no learning curve, all it asked was for you to point it and shot ( just make sure you have some room to open them up because the turn radius holds pretty true. I found that I could muscle it around if needed but would get burned out in the tight trees. as the day rolled on the snow was getting a bit packed out but it was still puking and there were still stashes to be had the only problem is you had to ski some serious chop and thats where I found this ski to excel and really become confidence inspiring. The same principles applied the the chop as it did the powder point it and ride it out. The bodacious turned the scariest of bumps into nothing more then little powder clouds. I didnt test it but I'm pretty sure you can chop a tree down just the same point the bodacious and shoot. I didnt get it out on any groomers persay and I dont have anything negative to say about this ski at this time. I will check back and update once I take it out again.

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Jordan - i shredded on Christmas day in WA - what a day huh? Have you ski'd on the Katana's if so how do the Bodacious compare? I'm looking for some NW crud slayers! thx