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Dependable Piece of Gear

I usually don't review items I like until I've had them for awhile. And I've had this tent for over 2 years now and it's seen a lot of use and several different conditions. It is a one person tent so if you're camped in bad weather, hopefully you have a book because otherwise you're going to be pretty bored. I don't feel that's a strike for the tent because you should already know what you're getting into. It does have a very spacious ceiling where I can sit up fully and change comfortably which is great.
The inside if spacious for me (5'6") and it leaves me about a foot or so to store gear inside with me. The vestibule on the door side is big enough for my Gregory z65 to fit along with other miscellanous gear that I want protected from the rain. I've also been very impressed with the toughness of the tent. At first I wasn't so sure it would be able to handle high winds due to the high ceiling and rectangular shape, however it has seen me through plenty of windy nights, torrential downpours, and surprise snow storms of 3 -4 inches. It has never leaked once in heavy rains and once guyed out it can withstand a full night of 40 mile per hour gusts with no issues. It's not an ultralight, but I'll happily pack the extra ounces knowing that I'm going to stay dry. Great Job MSR. I love this tent!

Dependable Piece of Gear
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You are so right. I've used this tent for 4 summers, doing solo thru-trips in the Sierra on the Colorado and Continental Divide trails. It's very easy to set up, completely waterproof, and plenty of room for me (5'6") to sit up and read, and to stash my Arc Teryx Altra 75 in the bottom. The truly great thing about this tent is that it's absolutely symmetrical: You set it up, and you can sleep at either end, because each is the same. In a tight spot,where you have to place to opening in only one direction, having the choice as to where to put your head is excellent. I too have been caught in late season snow, and the tent handles it perfectly. I peruse the various solo ultralight options from time to time (like the Nemo Obi-1 Elite), but none of them have the versatility that this tent has. (PS. My poles seemed to be losing some of their taughtness; I sent them to MSR, and they restrung them for free.)