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Gear Review

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Definitely Needs Improvement

These bindings look great. That's for sure. Unfortunately, the paint chips off of the heelcups and the ankle straps rip. The canted footbeds are a great idea, but they become a bit uncomfortable if you ride big stance angles (I ride 21/-12). The straps tend to come loose when you land hard. That gets annoying. Lots of customization options, that's definitely a plus. The toe strap, which can be worn many ways, was never really 100% comfortable in any position. But worst of all, they just never seem to fit quite right. I find myself adjusting them every time I get off the slopes, whether it's the footbeds, stance angles, highbacks, anything. They always seem a bit uncomfortable. I won't be sticking with these on my everyday board because the bottom line is: nobody should have to think about their bindings when they ride. Once you strap in, that should be the end of it. These are fun to use, but I would only recommend them for occasional park shredding. Get these bindings in a year or two once Rome gets their s*** together.