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Gear Review

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Decent hydration bladder

I've taken it on 5 trips for a total of 30 days on trail and about 40 refills. There are two problems with it.
Ive got the Omega with a insulated straw for snowboarding, however ive yet to take it snowboarding because even while hiking a short 16 mile day, im constantly nervous that I will arrive at my camp with a popped bladder, however it is still unpopped. The other problem is the nipple/bite valve is sooo easily broken. Its a pain. Ive got the locking valve and with out it, I would have immidietly bought a different one. The nipples are $6 and ive gone through 3 already, but i like chewing on it.

PS- do not put anything besides water, especially a fruit flavored drink, or coffee becuase for the rest of the time you own it, it will taste like watered down fruit punch or coffee... Gross