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Decent glasses, but too costly for being made in Taiwan

I am the first to admit I have a problem when it comes to sunglasses. I can't seem to have enough. After owning various polarized shades from Oakley, Smith Action Optics, Kaenon and Maui Jim, I thought it was time to try out Costa's. I was interested in their new 580P lens since glass lenses still scare me a bit. I chose the tortoise frame with copper lens. Overall I liked the glasses. The copper lens did amp up the color, especially greens and reds, compared my neutral gray lenses. I like the fit and style of the glasses too. They hugged my head pretty well and definitely weren't falling off with the comolded frames. I didn't really care for the integrated hinge. It just seems cheap to me. I do think overall they are very rugged and could handle abuse. My main hangup, and the reason I ended up returning these, was I couldn't pay $170 for a pair of sunglasses were made in Taiwan. In the premium pricing category, I really think Kaenon, Smith and Maui are putting out better quality products manufactured in countries that are known for better quality. And props to Oakley for making their sunglasses in the USA. Had the Fantails been made in the US, I would have kept them and probably picked up a model with the 580 glass lens as well.

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Basamrj's I wanted you to know that Costa hand assembles every single pair of glasses in Daytona Beach, Florida and is the only company to hand assemble every pair in the U.S. Yes the components are from different countries of origin but assembled here in the good old US of A. Only company to be doing that when everyone else went of shore long ago. You cannot beat that 580 lens either. You should have kept them. I know I own numerous pairs now and nothing compares to them.

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I wouldn't buy these again. I bought the Fantails and they slide off a chair arm and fell less than two feet to the floor. To my surprise the lens cracked. I sent them in for repair and they wanted to charge me $99.99 for new lens. They said their warranty didn't cover lens breakage. I'll never buy Costa Del Mar sunglasses again because a company should stand by their materials and quality.