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My last two pairs of shades were Polarized Oakley Gas Cans, and they were sic. When I lost my last pair I decided to go with the Kaenon Jetty Seaweed G12s. I'm glad I did. Better polarization and worlds better for deflecting glare. There were times checking the surf and tuna fishing when I had to take the polarized Oakleys off because the glare off the ocean's surface was so funky that it was tripping my eyes out. With the Kaenons that glare is gone, plain and simple. I can see right through the water. They're also lightweight and fit to the face nicely... a pleasure to wear.

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That's the crazy thing!!! People don't know how bad their lenses are and their polarized lenses are until they try something as good as these... How do you get the word out that these Kaenon Lenses are so good?????