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Like the black/silver/white artwork. But main reason for purchasing this pole was the Trigger S grip, with the "dynamic release system." No doubt it's convenient to be able to snap your poles on/off your glove when needed, i.e. in the lift line.

But way too bad it didn't release for me on falls when it should have. I was skiing aggressively in Montana for a week last week, and took three spills. Two were entertaining enough that the poles should have released. But because they didn't, in one case my arm was twisted behind my back to the point I was immobilized. A week later, my shoulder still hurts from that incident. Pretty certain I injured my shoulder.

Does not work as advertised. Resulted in shoulder injury.

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whether you have trigger or standard strapped poles, the result would be the same...

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Leki's trigger grip releases in a upward motion. this is common if you get the pole stuck in a gate. This does not mean that the strap will necessarily release when you just fall. trigger grips were not designed for all mountain skiing. It is for racing but the demand to have them on all mountain pole was there and leki put them on.