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Gear Review

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DOPE boots!

Got these off Whiskey Militia for like $80, super awesome deal. Put them off, and at first seemed stiff. That wasn't the case when I went boarding though, they comformed to my foot perfectly. They're true to size and have awesome features like a plastic on the heel and toe which prevents the boot from getting soaked along with the awesome quick-lace which beats the crap outta tying them up like conventional boots. They also got these draw strings so you can pull against your foot incase your having trouble getting your oversize foot in there.

Despite having a water-repellant like surface (which is kick ass btw), they breathe well. I'm kinda new to snowboarding, and I haven't taken the boots apart yet, but the liners do look removeable (don't quote me though).

That said, AWESOME boots and I'm glad I got them for the price I did. Would do it all over again.