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Gear Review

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Current model is a downgrade.

5 starts to the 2010 model for sure. Backpacked in it, and it came back looking like new.

I picked up a pair of the current model since I loved the older one so much, and the fit is a bit off (for me, at least). I'm pretty average size, but the shirt was cut noticeably tighter than before. Other than that, not a big fan at all of the button/zipper-less chest pocket. It hangs open even when there is nothing in there. Don't even want to see how it looks when I decide to use it. Looks sloppy.

Overall, still a good shirt. Esp. if it fits you well. On the plus side, I didn't even realize on the old model that the button on the upper part of the sleeve was to keep it from falling when rolled up. The new one came with a sleeve already rolled and buttoned as a demonstration. Nice surprise! haha