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I bought the stainless steel Ascents because I wanted more durability. I thought these would be my favorite binding. At the shop, they tried to sell me Hammerheads, and I didn't listen.
After breaking three cables in one season, I decided to switch to the HH. Fortunately, I was working at Grand Targhee and the 22 Designs guys hooked me up with a pair. I have since tried Switchbacks, Cobras, Targas, BD's, and NTNs. The only binding I've found to rival the HH is the Bomber Bishop binding, which is no longer manufactured. Fortunately, I managed to sell my Ascents for $150, and cut my losses.
The Ascents not only broke, but they didn't give me nearly the power and performance of the Hammerhead. If you're looking for a backcountry, free pivot binding, get the Axl, from 22 Designs.
I would not recommend the Ascent to anyone. The HH or Axl, I'd recommend to everyone.

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Totally agree here...I had some targas that I learned on and thought getting these would take it to the next level. I honestly was not impressed and had bad experiences with both the touring feature icing up really badly and not having enough response/power to drive bigger skis. Im going with the HH Axl this year.