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Sucks. Ok these gloves are super baggy. They make your fingers look like dog skin. As soon as I got them that same day the clip that holds the gloves together fell off. I really don't like these gloves at all. I'll be returning these. They seem super cheap. Considering you can get something for the same price that is way nicer.

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you like those real snug ones i guess. well in cold these will keep you warmer by not constricting your circulation. i use them in photography and find them next to my 10 year old extremities gloves the best of the bunch in warm and dexterity

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Jesse, you are confusing people out there. While everyone's writing something nicer, you start writing shit.

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I hate them, I have other black diamond gloves and like them. I just think these are terrible. Not writing shit, just saying I hate them. So let people have opinions ven. Reviews are so people can see if people like things or not. These gloves were very uncomfortable to me, functioned very poorly, and broke the first time I touched them, so I don't want others to buy this product when, in my opinion, anything else is better.