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Couldn't ask for a better pack

Thought I'd write a review of this bad boy after owning it for about 3 years. I've backpacked for about 12 years, and this is the best pack I've had so far. I won't get into all the technical bells and whistles because everyone has their own opinion on that stuff. I've used this pack for ski mountaineering and general wilderness backpacking. I have spent entire days with this pack wading up rivers, sneaking around casting to wary trout while nearly forgetting I had 65 lbs. on my back. Moderate to long alpine trips in the Rockies, 2 months in the New Zealand bush, light loads to massive loads, it really does it all while keeping you as comfortable and pain free as you can be while hauling around a bunch of weight on your back. Don't fret over the price either, worth every last penny.

Couldn't ask for a better pack
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like your review, but love your photo even more. As an angler i can appreciate not putting down the pack and getting a few more casts in. Most impressive is all I can say. Way to go, and happy trails. I have been wanting to upgrade packs and believe the Argon 85 will be it for my 2100 mile Appalachian Trail adventure.