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Costa Del Mar Permit 580

I bought a pair of Costa Permit 580 lenses ( blue mirror), In the store they felt great. Fishing with them is another story. Dont let the vents fool you, they still fog up very easy especially in South Florida where I live and fish. Dont get me wrong they are one of the best looking pairs of Costas, but they are heavy and they deffinitly do fog up, I have to constanly pull them away from my face to let the fog clear. I would reccomend them in the winter time but in the summer they are very irritating...

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Do you think they would perform better in Michigan? What do you think about the Harpoons?

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I couldn't agree more! They fog up all the fricken time and living in Michigan won't help because I live in Minnesota and they fog up year round! Great sunglasses otherwise.