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Copper Lenses are Versatile

The copper lenses take some getting used to if, like me, you typically wear sunglasses with gray lenses. The way they add a rosy tint to everything is a little off-putting at first, but I definitely get used to it after awhile. I like to use these when mountain biking. The gray lenses can't be beat in extremely bright sunlight, but the copper lenses do well enough in bright sunlight and are much better in the varying light levels as you bike in and out of shadows. They also provide more contrast on cloudy days.

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I bought the Blue Reflex lenses as well. There's a little bit of distortion near the inside top corner of each lens. It's not enough to really affect your vision, though. My Copper and Sportflex lenses don't have that, so I'm guessing it's just a lens that slipped through the QC. The tent of the Blue Reflex is great. It's a gray that has a little more brown and less blue (from behind the lens of course) than Smith's gray lenses do. They're great for really sunny days. If it's cloudy at all or late in the day, I definitely prefer the Copper lenses for their slightly lighter tint and greater contrast.

In summary, if you want a do-it-all lens, get the Copper. If you want something that looks really cool and is the best for really sunny days, get the Blue Reflex.