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Cool, but Barely Water Resistant

In brief: Cozy and cool for light, casual use. Expect cold wet feet for anything remotely beyond that.

I got these boots to wear around town, walking to/from work and short hikes in the snow, rain and cold. For those purposes, they are fine and I do love the look. But calling these boots waterproof is absurd. The exposed foam soles and ankles soak up moisture and funnel it into the boot when flexed. On a recent hike in very light rain the boots soaked through in about an hour to the point that I had to wring out my socks and the insoles. The boots then completely soaked a change of dry socks in a matter of steps. With each step the foam squished water into the boot. I resigned myself to water-logged feet for the rest of my 2-day trip and wishing I'd worn my goretex trail runners instead.