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Gear Review

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Cooking on the fire

This is a must for anyone cooking on the fire. I use it as a platform for both grilling meat, and as a stove top for the cast iron. It is remained sturdy throughout the most severe uses. I have heated it up to red hot and it has survived and remains functional. It folds flat and as such is easy to pack in your car. I also own a spit and a tee-pee style grill and while each has its purpose, if I had to own just one tool for cooking on the fire, this would be the one. The only challenge I have faced is some park fire pits (steel rings) aren't quite large enough to accommodate the legs extended, but the rig can be balanced on the ring, fairly well. In these particular circumstances the tee-pee grill seems to work best, but be sure you get the longest/highest one you can as the ring is often elevated.