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ContourHD..its just ok

Price is good but it comes with a 2Gig micro SD card which is only good for about 30 mins of video. The other issue I noticed when I got the camera was that the video is slow on the "hi" setting. The audio is normal but since the video is slow they are not synced and it looks like you are just going super slow. Even after upgrading to the 16gig card with a "10" rating its still slow however, on the "Lo" setting it works like a charm. Super clear video without any blurr, its easy to operate with gloves on, the laser beams are actually quite helpfull when making sure its aimed properly, and the rotating lens is a nice touch. If the video worked on the "hi" setting I'd have given it a 4 star rating and if it had better low-light video quality I'd have given it 5.

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The default settings are:
HI: 1920 x 1080 @ 30 fps
LO: 1280 x 960 @ 30 fp

Hook your camera to a PC/Mac and adjust it accordingly. Btw, it sounds like you're viewing the raw video file and your computer can't handle it, that's why it's playing back so slow. You need to edit and export it using an app like iMovie (or something similar).