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Comparison with other merino leggings

Icebreaker Nature Lite Leggings are my favorites when compared directly with Stoic Merino, though I'm keeping these, too. Choosing the correct size for each brand was key. I am 5'2" and around 110lbs, with a straighter waist-to-hip ratio (i.e., no butt). With the earlier reviews and comments in mind, I tried sizes XS and S in each brand. Stoic Merino size XS is roughly equivalent to Icebreaker Nature Lite size S. The waistbands are about the same circumference and are flexible, and both hit me slightly below the navel. Stoic's waistband is wide and soft and wins in that regard. Both Stoic Merino and Icebreaker Nature Lite are fitted in the legs, albeit with a little ruching because I'm petite. Tested side-by-side, Icebreaker Nature Lite feels warmer to me. Stoic Merino is stretchier, sportier, and has back seams that feel annoying when I put on the leggings but are fine once I finish getting dressed. I'm keeping both the Nature Lite size S and Stoic size XS, for different purposes. I also tested Nau M2, but the size XS felt tight in the waist and crotch and the size S were baggy in the hips and legs, and they weren't as warm as the Icebreaker Nature Lite.