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Coming from the pink Anasazi lace-up...

I love the pinks, and the Anasazi VCS classic, both in size 8.5 (I'm a size 10 in my running shoes). The new design has a different heel that does "fit better" with less empty space in the heel cup, but the side effect is that the slingshot effect of the heel rand is less aggressive. So much so that I need to move down a half size to 8 to get the same ridiculous edging ability as before. It seems to me that they are using a thicker C4 sole on the new models as well, putting a little too much rubber under the big toe edge. Nothing a good belt sander can't fix. The forefoot still fits my me like a dream and I prefer C4 to Onyx. I still give them 5 stars, but the pinks would get 6 stars.

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Thanks. Totally helpful. I started at 44.5 with the pinks and made my way to 45 so I didn't suffer on long multi-P days. Love the pinks so I want to move to the V2 here - as the heal bag always drove me mad!!

Maybe I'll go back to 44.5 as it sound you've noticed a half-size change.

Or I maybe male-broadening is a fact and my feet ain't getting any smaller and a 45 will be just fine. Ha!