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Comfy but chilly

I bought this jacket about a month ago and like it with one major exception, it's not very warm. The fit is great, the cuffs don't ride up my arm, it's snug but not tight, but cold breezes go right through the sleeves.

As long as I've got something warm on underneath (like a sweatshirt or sweater) then it's okay, but if I'm wearing a t-shirt it's not warm in the least. I know it's important to layer up, and I can't expect the coat to do all the work, but c'mon. For a $2xx.00 coat, it ought to be warmer than this.

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Have to agree with Ryan. Was hoping this would be warmer...and for $200 it should be. I like the fit, but the lining "sticks" to nearly anything you wear under it, making it difficult to slide your arms into the sleeves. I got this as a gift after a recent trip to NH where it seemed everyone was wearing something from Marmot. Have to say, I'm a bit disappointed that I don't love this jacket...I just kind of like it.