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Gear Review

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Comfortable, monster-sized pack.

I'm pretty pleased with my Whitney pack so far. Although I haven't done a ton of trips with it, its definitely seen a fair share of use/abuse as it doubles as my suitcase from time to time. Still, I recently completed a six day/50mile trip through the Great Smoky Mountains through the backcountry and along the AT. I probably had 60lbs+ on my back at the beginning of the trip (yeah, I overpacked) but the load never really felt heavy to my 5'11" 185lbs. The CFS suspension system on this pack is awesome, and offers more adjustment and denser padding than other packs I've looked at. And although normally I'm not a huge organization freak, it was really nice to have so many different access points on this pack to compartmentalize my food, rain gear, etc. I never had to pull a bunch of crap out to get at what I needed, which was nice for sure. Still, my only complaint is that after six days of walking the minimal waterproofing laminate on the lower pocket was worn off from my cookset rubbing against it. No worries though, I have the rain cover for the pack so it stayed dry even in the rain. Overall, I would recommend this pack to anyone that wants to go on week long+ adventures and isn't a minimalist freak. If you're strong hiker, and like a comfortable organized pack, look no further than the Whitney, you won't be disappointed.