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Comfortable harness.

I've only used this harness for sport climbing, but that's primarily what it's designed for anyways. I really like how the leg loops have webbing instead of straps to really ratchet them down. The webbing provides enough support and strength, but is not uncomfortable. Never comes loose or has made me feel like I'm in danger while wearing it. I've got the previous version of this harness, that's why it looks a little different in the picture.

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Do you like the elastic leg loops? I'm wanting to retire my wife's harness, but have no experience with elastic leg loops. Would you recommend elastic leg loops over standard leg loops?

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Yeah I do like the elastic over the standard loops. Two fewer buckles that you have to check which I like, and they don't feel as restricting on my legs but at the same time I know that the support is there.

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Although this may be too late for Jon hopefully this will help anyone who reads this comment. With experience with both types of harnesses I would say it takes a little getting use to if you are going for adjustable to elastic. But once you do you will love this harness.