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Gear Review

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Colorful but still rips

First off, I’ve only skied on these once so far and that was in heavy April powder at Alta. The ski is basically a race stock, super-sidecut fat ski. I’m coming from a K2 AK Enemy and the Pistols were definitely hard to get used to. They’re super soft (which I like), tons of width, and the sidecut makes ‘em rip groomers as hard as open powder bowls. I have to say I like my AK Enemy better for tight rock hopping but I can open up my turns a whole lot more with the Pistols. I actually think the graphics are pretty cool (once you get over the hot pink-neon green combo) and I like the fact they’re side-wall (no cap) and don’t have all the other stupid gimmicks ski manufacturers throw on their production skis. The Pistols also have over-sized edges which totally rocks. Bottom line, pretty powder specific but still a rippin’ ski.