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I purchased this bag brand new to use in 30-35 degree nights. After perusing many websites, the temp rating for women should be around 28-31. The nights were 37 degrees and I was coooooold! This brand/bag is not a good choice for women who get cold at night while camping, and want to crawl into a bag and know they will be warm and cozy. Also, this brand/bag is not for a woman with the baby boomer spread. After a couple of kids and the inevitability of aging, no matter how in shape you are takes its toll. I don't think you should have to buy a 0 degree bag to sleep comfortably in 35 degree night temp. All in all, I would not recommend this bag even on sale for $100.

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I'm sorry this bag did not work out for you Elaine. The temperature ratings given to bags are not comfort ratings. They're somewhere between the lowest temperature you'd survive at (meaning you'll be cold but not severely hypothermic) and what's comfortable.

Whether or not you're warm depends on a lot of factors? Have you eaten recently? What did you eat? Are you hydrated? Is it humid? Do you have good or bad circulation?......

Mountain Hardwear is now testing their bags with the EN (European Norm) standards. They give this bag a T-Comfort rating of 36 degrees Fahrenheit. The T Comfort rating is the coldest temperature at which a "standard" woman will sleep comfortably through the night. If you know you have bad circulation or generally sleep colder than other women, then the lowest comfortable temperature will be even higher for you. (The T Limit rating, that which the "standard" male will sleep comfortably through the night, is 27 degrees.)

In general, I suggest that women buy a sleeping bag rated 15 to 20 degrees below the coldest temperatures they expect to use the bag in. Hopefully the EN ratings will become more widely adopted in the US.