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Cold weather climbing review

seem solid enough.
I haven't yet tested them out in all conditions as my climbs have been on firmer snow in sub arctic temps but just to address a couple issues that have been brought up:

I find the bag to have plenty of room.

All razors that come with skins are terrible in my experience.

They have very little glide at all.

They weight on the skis seems pretty good for the size, but it's hard to gage on the fat skis. These are cut for my Jaks. It's really hard for me to imagine how these are much better or worse than any other skins i've used. They certainly did the job, but my biggest problem is clumping and that wouldn't happen with any skin on Hoth.

Bonus: sts is real easy on and off so your hands stay a bit warmer than on other tip tail attachments i've tried.