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Cold Bag!

I purchased this bag for a trip this spring. The first night was a little on the warm side and it worked perfectly. The second night was about 40 deg F but I froze. I had the Therm-A-Rest Trail Pro with an R-Value of 4.8 and wore 3 pairs of wool socks, warm synthetic long johns, a base layer, 2 mid layers with a hood, my rain jacket, gloves, neck gaiter, and headband ear warmer to finally get warm enough to fitfully sleep. This seems excessive in a bag rated to 20 F bag, 34 F comfort. Unfortunately I have to return it.

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I used this bag down into the low 30's in a hammock with no sleeping pad and slept in the nude on countless occasions. I woke up sweating and had to open it up to cool off, not sure what these folks are talking about with the bag being cold.

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My experience is the less layers you wear to sleep in the bag the better. When you pile on the layers, your body heat won't get out to fill the bag as it should, resulting in a cold night in the bag. Its T-shirt and undies or thin base layer for me