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It keeps the dirt and debris from sticking to your bite valve. I thought this would be a breeze to install but I had to jack with it for a few minutes.

Doesn't do much to contain leakage, you need a shut-off valve for that.

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I like the valve cover, but it's not perfect. When canoeing or fishing or caving, if it gets down into a puddle of muddy water, some of the muddy water will still get in. Other than that, it works great.

I had a hard time getting it to go on the first time. Only got the bite valve half on, but it worked well enough for two years. Then my wife was cleaning my camelbak for me and took it all apart. I was trying to put it back together and couldn't get the dang bite valve on at all with the stupid cover around it. My wife had recently bought a new bite valve for her camelbak. She said, "Get it wet. The instructions for installing my new bite valve said, 'Get if wet.'" So I went to the sink, got both everything wet and it slid right on.