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Clean Water Protection

This is one long-lasting cartridge but it does have to be replaced every once in awhile. The best way I determine replacement is the difference in color. Labored pumping doesn't occur until later. Works great until the very end. Dry out as good as possible & store in a plastic bag in the freezer when not being used for long periods of time.

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I would not recommend freezing any filter. There is a high likelyhood of damaging the filter such that it will fail to filter even states in the directions not to expose to freezing temperatures.
If you don't want a funky smell in your filter, take the filter out of the housing at the end of every trip, rinse with a lot of clean running tap water, shake out all excess water, and just let it set out on the counter to dry entirely (a couple of days at least). Then re-install into the housing and store in a cool, dry place.