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Cheap and Waterproof but do not Breathe

These were my first pair of gaiters. Technically they do the job, since they keep water from the outside from getting in and getting me wet. That gets them a few stars. Also, the material is very durable and survives being snagged on brush and trees.

They DO NOT BREATHE, however, so if I'm moving at all my legs get completely soaked from sweat condensation. It's better than snow melting and soaking through, but it kind of defeats the purpose. I still wear them XC skiing over fleece pants because pretty much everthing gets soaked with sweat them and they keep the snow out of my boots, but I would not wear them for expeditions of AT or anything that requires you to stay dry or else.

The final stake in their heart is that their ankle openings are not big enough to accommodate large mountaineering boots, snowboard boots, or ski boots. So even if I wanted to use them for burlier stuff, I couldn't because they won't fit over the boot.

They are waterproof, durable and cheap, which prevents them from getting one star. I wouldn't buy them again, though.