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Gear Review

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I demoed 10 different skis over the past year, all in the 115-122 waist range. The SideSeth came out the winner. From the first turn I made, they just felt right and made me feel like I can do anything.

The SideSeth is quite stiff, but relatively light for its size. It's easy to turn and quick enough through the trees. I'm 5'11", 215, and the 188 never felt like too much or too little ski. I have no problem cutting right through chopped up powder and crud. They feel plenty surfy in powder. Haven't encountered much ice on them, but harder sections are not a problem. Haven't found a speed limit yet.

Some skis are slightly easier to turn (Armada JJ). Some skis (okay, maybe just one, the Blizzard Bodacious) have a little more stability at speed. But this one hit the perfect balance for me. Awesome ski.