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best shoes I've ever worn.period.once you tighten them to fit your foot they feel like a can use them to kayak, hike, canoe, whatever.def the best shoe i've ever worn.gotten them resoled once since i got em 2 years ago and theyre still going.easily 5 stars.i'd give it 7.

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I am on my second "non pro" pair of Chacos, I wear them every day here in SoCal.

First pair had skinnier straps and strap started fraying in the back. REI replaced them with another pair.

After 3 years of continuous use, the back of the sole is worn out, and they developed quite a stench. I have tried soaking them in bleach solution which helps to an extent. Although the straps still have a quite a bit of life in them, bad odor is quite a hassle.

The smell is strongest where the straps come out from the strap holes, so I presume that's where the bacterial colony resides. Antimicrobial compound in the future shoes is suggested. Otherwise they are quite perfect for my use.