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Carbide??? Whaat?

Okay,so I'm the dumb *** who shelled out my hard earned cash on a stupid logo hat.

I thought carbide was khaki-ish color (doesn't it look like khaki on the web???), but to my surprise, it is olive ish green. I actually like the color better.

Now, here's my beef. The hat is Made in China, and this hat has absolutely nothing to do with Arc's great design and engineering capability. It's just a cotton hat that you can buy on Times Square with I Love NY logo. And it fits like $9.99 souvenir shop hat, in fact this one fit really crappy.

Come on Arc, if you gonna make something with your logo on it, at least make it with your spirit in it. This is really poor product with hefty price tag. I will not recommend to my worst enemy.

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Great hat. Bought it a couple of years ago in tan.

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I do not want to buy anything made in China. Thanks for the heads up wasabi.