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Can't say enough

I absolutely love this bag. I was initially torn between the Ultralite and Alpinlite, and ended up with getting the Alpinlite first. After some time in that bag I just found there to be too much dead air from the extra girth, but the Ultralite was snug to the point where I was worried about down compression if I had layers on. While this is slightly warmer than both the Ultralite and Alpinlite bags, the chest girth sizing falls between the Alpinlite and Ultralite, which was perfect for me. The full length zipper allow for easy venting and I have no worries of overheating—I generally sleep very warm. This comes with one more ounce of down than the Alpinlite, but is slightly narrower and thus warmer overall. The full length zipper also allows the bag to be opened up and used like a quilt in warmer weather. I have taken it down to low 20s and the high teens and slept comfortably in a baselayer with the neck baffle completely loosened. The materials are top notch, the down is super lofty—WM bags are great.