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Gear Review

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Can't Say Enough

This tent has seen the world and has taken just about every kind of weather nature can dish out and has never failed. The tent is ridiculously light at under 2 pounds per person and extremely weather proof. I went camping in the Redwoods and it poured one night, turning our campsite into a 2" deep puddle. No water in the tent. It did great in extreme wind in Ireland and it did great in the heat of the Gobi Desert. The thing pitches extremely quickly as well. When I went camping with some friends I pitched this by myself while the three of them were still trying to get their poles out. There isn't really much I can complain about aside from two little cosmetic things. First, as some have mentioned, it pitches so that one corner is slightly elevated off the ground. However, after staking it down and putting your sleeping bag and everything inside there is no problem. Also, the color is pretty bright. It would be great if someone was trying to find you, say in a rescue situation. However, I've been in some countries were it is best to set up out of site, making the bright color somewhat dangerous. This is not something most people would have to think about though. I've slept in a variety of high quality tents from quite a few brands but this one takes the cake. I highly recommend this tent