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Canoes Look Funny on a Civic

This is one heck of a simple rack. It works great on my freight hauler of a Grumman, and also works on my sleek little Wenonah. They're adjustable in seconds, to fit the gunwales of the boat you want to load. I've also used them for carryin logs from my woodlot home. If you want to get some strange looks while driving down the road just use the included straps to load up a couple of trees to your rack! I digress.. If you want a simple way to secure your boats to your rack, this is the ticket. The ratcheting straps aren't actually ratcheting though, they just cinch down tight, and require you to press the release trigger to let slack back through the "ratchet" I would also recommend getting the bow/stern tie downs, as a little extra security is never a bad thing.