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Canada Goose Utility Glove - Men's.

I can't honestly tell you if they are good. I have Raynaud's poor circulation in hands and can't with stand cold temperatures. Thought it would be the right glove for me, unfortunatly my hands were cold and numb in 45 degree weather. Believe if you don't have this problem you will have toastie hands. If anyone has the same problem as I would appreciate any suggestions in gloves. Email me at

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I have the same condition in my circulation. (My wife hates me for it.-Ha) I finally settled in on Black Diamond- Prodigy. Still not perfect when temps reach single digits, but pretty dang close.

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I have one word for you....
Extra Large MITTEN!!!
I get cold fingertips from years of close call to mild frostbite.
I buy EXTRA LARGE mittens (and gloves) and wear thick liners in them, or even regular insulated gloves inside the mittens.
When I have to do something that takes dexterity, I remove the mittens and work with the glove/liner and put the mitten back on asap.
My favorite is HESTRA GUIDE MITT
I have tried many pairs including North Face and Marmot. Hestra is the best.