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Can you find it in the photo? It's the subtle one.

I got to demo one of these for a week-long backpacking trip (truth be told, it was 2 days in, camp for a while and fish to our hearts' content, two days out) in the High Uintas on the UT, WY border in August 2008. Needless to say, I've wanted one ever since. The extra weight is, in my opinion, negligible when it's split between the two occupants during the hike. Its like the sexier, more voluptuous version of MSR's comparatively anorexic (and appropriately lighter) Hubba-hubba. Think Angelina Jolie vs. Dakota Fanning. No insult to either, Fanning makes a super wicked vampiric sadist, but who else could pull of the fairer of the two Smiths? Yeah, the Losi kicks A. I enjoyed the optional gear caddy, it kept everything that usually winds up at the lowest corner of the tent within easy reach without lowering the ceiling (a gear loft is another optional accessory). As another reviewer noted, you should practice setting it up before your trip in order to familiarize yourself with it's ingenious design. The distinctive secondary side poles create a near-vertical wall for lots of head room, while the snap-in anchor system for the pole ends prevents runaways when you're left setting it up by yourself because your sleeping buddy claims to have heat stroke. The two doorways are a little high because of the bathtub floor, but roll well out of the way and allow easy access to the cavernous (for a two person tent) twin vestibules when the fly is on. Lots of floorspace for the extra stuff you want to bring in with you, and in case you don't enjoy snuggling with a 200 lb. dude who hasn't showered in 3 days and has stubble that could strip paint. The fly is what makes it stand out, otherwise its subtle black, no-see-um mesh and gray floor don't clash with the colors of nature too bad. Footprint is a must, not because the floor is thin (a.k.a. light) but because they're always a good idea, and they're a lot lighter and longer-lasting than that $3.98 Wal-Mart tarp that you trimmed to size with a box cutter. In all seriousness, I loved setting it up every time. It's unique, flashy (with the fly on), and innovative. I'm perfectly happy promising that if you're looking for a tent in the 5 lb. range, you'll love it. Why spend more? Because this is one of those companies that we ought to support; go check out their website.Overall, it's an exciting tent at a decent weight from an ethical, forward thinking company.

Can you find it in the photo? It's the subtle one.
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Thanks for this review. I am looking at the following tents and this is now also on my list:
Marmot Limelight 3p
Eureka! Midori 3p
Nemo Losi 3p

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Wow. Haven't logged in in a while. Glad it gave you one more decision to make, haha!
Hopefully you've been able to choose over the last year. What did you wind up going with?