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Camp kinda dark? Get an Apollo Lantern

What a great little lantern. It packs down small, efficiently throws a good bit of light, has legs to stand on tables and hooks on top for hanging it up. Hypothetically speaking, if you were to hang it up in a large tent or screen house, and it were very windy out, the hooks on top of the lantern might slowly come apart as it swings around, which could end up being hilarious and a little dangerous. Great addition to the camping set up. No fire, no heat, safe to use in your tent, it's easily to dim the light, and it looks cool.

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If the two clasp hooks come together after you hang the light on a single line, I can't see how it's possible for the clasp to come apart and for the lamp to twist and come undone. For the lamp to fall, it would have to be a one heck of a shake and swing.