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Camera might not work inside bag

So..sounds great. Can put your camera in and take photos under water, right? I understand you can't use your zoom. I put my camera in and just turned it on. My camera automatically pokes the lens out just a bit- it hit the other side of the bag. The camera totally freaked out- sending the zoom in and out. Then the screen went blank. I bought this because of the idea you could take pictures through the bag. So, there is no way that I could use this underwater or even just in the bag. If the Aquapac is just to store the camera, I can find a cheaper product. Had to return it. Hope it works for you though.

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To me, it just sounds like this bag is too small for your camera. Measure your camera when on (my ultra small digital camera basically doubles in diameter when on vs when off) to make sure it will work.